What Is White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO?

This time we will return to discussing SEO in detail, such as discussing SEO techniques that are true and not true. As well as discussing any SEO techniques that violate the rules and are not true. We will discuss from understanding to examples that will be explained one by one how to get free SSH SSL.

The Discussion This Time Is

Understanding White Hat SEO techniques briefly, what things are considered White Hat SEO? Understanding Black Hat SEO techniques briefly, what things are considered Black Hat SEO If things are simple like that we will discuss this time. As I have often said and also often said by SEO experts that to get a place on the first page of search engines that really requires good and correct SEO techniques and can get free SSH SSL.

Apart from being liked by search engines, by doing good and correct SEO techniques, our blog will also be easier to appear on the first page of search engines and of course our blog will also avoid various kinds of sanctions and penalties. For example, because we have used SEO that is not good and not right, then the blog can be de-indexed someday (meaning that your blog will not appear on the Google search engine), get a penalty. Even worse, one day our blog can also be deleted because it violates the rules.

Therefore, using good and correct SEO techniques is a mandatory item to optimize your blog perfectly. And in order to avoid unwanted risks as mentioned above. In the world of blogging SEO techniques themselves are divided into two parts, namely White Hat SEO Techniques, and Black Hat SEO Techniques. What is the White Hat SEO technique like? And what is the meaning of White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO itself?

Understanding Of White Hat SEO

What is White Hat SEO? White Hat SEO means SEO techniques that are correct and do not violate the rules. In that sense, by using the White Hat SEO technique, it means that you have used good and correct SEO techniques. The White Hat SEO technique itself is — just — another name for good and true SEO techniques. Apart from that, because this is a good and correct SEO technique, this technique is automatically recommended and allowed by Google, Yahoo, and others. In fact, it does not violate the rules set by search engines.

By optimization, White Hat SEO techniques focus more on quality content, as well as interesting, informative and useful content. And the optimizer only puts enough keywords. As in the title, in the contents of the article, and in the meta tag. Not only that, but the White Hat SEO technique is also known as Natural SEO, which is an SEO technique that relies on keywords (keywords) that are often written by many people in search engines. By targeting keywords that people often search for, then the potential for our blogs is also visited by many people.

In essence, free SSH SSL and the White Hat SEO technique is an SEO optimization technique that is not prohibited by search engines. SEO techniques do not violate the rules. And, SEO techniques that are actually recommended by search engines, as well as SEO experts. And, here are some examples of good and true SEO (White Hat SEO)

Make Quality, Complete And Informative Articles

Placing keywords correctly is not excessive. Enough in the title, content of the article, and in the meta-tag. Do link building (looking for backlinks) properly. Or you can follow this guide Understanding, Benefits, and How to Get Quality Backlinks, Templates,and appearance of blogs that are friendly to mobile users (Mobile friendly), Manage meta-tags well, namely by targeting keywords Promote your writing on social media, but don’t spam “group to group” etc.

Understanding Black Hat Seo

What is Black Hat SEO? Black Hat SEO techniques are the opposite of White Hat SEO techniques. Which means, the Black Hat SEO technique is a technique that is definitely not good and not right? As well as violating the rules. This technique is not recommended to be used to optimize your blog. In addition, Black Hat SEO techniques are usually used to cheat, outsmart and deceive search engines so that their blogs can be on the first page of search engines. Even worse, the Black Hat SEO technique is also ‘one hundred percent’ in violation of the conditions set by the search engine.

But usually, blogs that use this method do not last long, in the sense that blogs that use Black Hat SEO techniques will immediately be sanctioned by search engines. Like a decrease in ranking, de-index. And the last one might be that your favorite blog was deleted by the developer. Especially, for those who use bloggers in particular. To know deeper about this instruction you can try to visit link Free SSH SSL in this blog.

Definition and Categories of Digital Software

While we are talking about the best software, it will take a long time. There are numbers of best software you can use for your computer. Each of them has its different program which makes it special.

Definition Of Digital Software

Well, have you known the definition of the digital software itself? What is it? Well, digital software is known well as computer software or software. It is a data collection or an instruction to tell how the computer works and know futher about programming.

Different from hardware, software doesn’t have a physical thing because it is made directly on the computer’s system. There are many examples of software you can see like computer programs, digital media, online documentation, libraries, and so on.

You can use this digital software for computer science, computer engineering, and much more computer users. As long as you have software on your computer, you can do it to a certain instruction.

Categories Of Software

Don’t you know that digital software is grouped into some categories? If you only know that software is just a category, you must read this article. It makes you realize that software is not as simple as you thought.

These are the categories of software:

A Domain Of Use Or Purpose

Based on its purpose, the digital software is divided into:

  • Application software

It is the software which uses the system to perform certain special functions or provide any entertainment functions. There are some different types of this application software due to its tasks.

  • System software

It is to operate the hardware to provide some basic tasks for users and to provide the platform for running up the application software. The system software includes:

  • Operating systems

It is an essential software collection which manages some resources and provides certain services for the other software which run above it. The core parts of these systems are window systems, shells, boot loaders, and supervisory programs.

  • Device drivers

It is to operate or control some particular device types which are attached to the computer. Each of the devices needs one corresponding device driver.

  • Utilities

It is the computer programs which are designed to assist you in maintenance as well as care your computer.

  • Malicious software or known as Malware

It is software which develops to disrupt and harm your computer. Malware is an undesirable thing in your computer. Need to note that Malware is closed to computer crimes.

A Domain Of Execution Or Nature

According to the domain of execution, digital software is divided into:

  • Desktop applications

There are some examples of desktop applications such as Microsoft Office, web browsers, and many more. On the tablet and smartphone, it is called as Apps.

  • JavaScript

It is a piece of software which embed in web pages to run the web browser and to help you use the web browser without plugin first. This software is written in many programming languages and so you can translate it directly with this software.

  • Server software

It is to run the web server.

  • Plugins

It is to modify or extend another function of the software.

  • Embedded software

Its function such as firmware within the embedded systems is the device for a single use or few computer users such as television and cars.

  • Microcode

It is a special obscure type of embedded software to tell the processor to execute the machine code.

Those are slight information you need to know about the digital software. If you want to take the computer software fields, this information will help you a lot. Thus, make sure you understand about this software before jumping to this field.

The Differences of SSH Premium and Free

SSH stands for Secure Shell, which is a network protocol that uses cryptography to communicate data on network devices to make it safer. In the concept, the use of SSH must be supported by a server or client device or computer that exchanges data. Both must have an SSH Server from the server computer side and Client SSH for the recipient’s computer (client).

SSH is a remote replacement application for logins such as rsh, rlogin, and telnet, which are safer. The main function of SSH is to access the machine remotely. SSH Client provides users with the Shell to remote to the machine. SSH also provides encrypted connections between the client and the server. The use of using telnet and SSH is like the difference of accessing a normal website (HTTP) with a safer website (HTTPS).

The Functions Of SSH

By using SSH, we can move freely through the account file on the hosting. We can also perform tasks, such as monitoring log files and starting or stopping services. We can also use it to install software to a hosting account or manage databases on MySQL. SSH gives us permission to do more things from the web normally.

What Are The Advantages Of SSH Premium

Borrowing an explanation from Wikipedia, Secure Shell (SSH) is a cryptographic network protocol for secure data communication, command line login interfaces, remote execution commands, and other network services between two computer networks. By having an SSH account we can make an internet connection, which some say is a free internet connection. Is it 100% free? if there is an opportunity we will review it in the future.

Free And Premium SSH Differences

There are free SSH accounts and some are paid. A free SSH account usually only lasts a few days depending on how long the server owner gives the limit to the free account he created. But generally 2 to 3 days the server owner will change the free SSH user and password, so for those of you who use SSH for free, you have to look for it again. Now, this is sometimes troublesome for beginners who are happy with a free SSH account when the account limit is up, of course, confused where to find the free account again.

Actually, if a little observant, how many blogs that provide SSH accounts are free, please search Google. Then what are the benefits for the server owner to share his SSH account for free? Well in that business there is a concept like this Sob, Helping and facilitating other people is one way to success. Usually, those who share a free SSH account post it on their blog that has Google Adsense ads installed. Well, from Adsense advertising, they get profits. Besides the SSH Adsense blog, other types of ads can also be installed. It’s just that adsense for Indonesian language blogs seems more savory than other types of ads.

The difference between free SSH with premium SSH is: Free SSH is usually limited for a few days and the server because it is used together so that the server load becomes heavier and results in slow internet connection. While SSH premium usually SSH accounts will die once in 30 days and the server usage is limited according to the capacity on the server so that it can be overcome adequately in terms of RAM and internet bandwidth and know more about digital software that might help you.

Get to Know Further about Programming

In this technology day, a programmer becomes one of the most-wanted carriers this day. Like the other fields, many companies need a programmer to help them develop certain software. You can imagine that if there is no one who wants to be a programmer, it will never be created an app on your smartphone, tablet, PC, and so on.

What is the main job of a programmer? Of course, it makes a computer programming. The programming can be used for certain instruction and more.

What Is It?

While talking about programming, have you known about the definition of programming itself? Well, programming is a process of encoding and taking the algorithm into a programming language or a notation, and so it can be done by the computer.

Programming Languages

While you do programming, you need to do it by using certain languages. It called programming languages. The languages are not usual languages like English, Russian, Spanish or etc. The language is a basic skill which many programmers should have to program something.

Many programming languages you can master it. While you don’t understand its languages, it will make you can break out your coding faster. To make you get easier in programming something, just learn those languages well.

Top 8 Programming Languages

You just need to master one or more programming languages to be a coding master. From all programming languages you can find in this world, there are some top programming languages, they are:


It is one of the most well-known programming languages. It can be used for building up the server-side applications for mobile apps and video games. It is the foundation to develop the Android apps and making it as the favorite language of many programmers.


It is a one-stop shop. You can use this language start from data analysis to web apps. If you want to learn a simple language, take the Python! It is the simplest and easiest programming language to learn as well as straightforward syntax.


It is the first programming language you can learn from your college or programming school. You can find that there are some C compilers which you can write down the stuff in and run it anywhere.


It is also known as Rails which is a web apps’ major supplier. It is popular and easy to learning. These days, the knowledge of Ruby language is in high demand!


It is another favorite programming languages because you can use this language on every website. it allows you to add some interactive elements to your website to make it pretty much interesting.


C# is pronounced C-Sharp. You can’t say that it is C-hashtag. You are not using Twitter, aren’t you? C-Sharp is a programming language you can use to develop the Microsoft apps. It is syntactically closely identical to Java.


PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. You can use this programming language for app development and data-heavy websites. It provides much power and becomes the heart of monster sites like Facebook and WordPress.

It is an open-source language, so you can see that many free pre-built modules which you can get and modify to get the ideal results. It is the must-learn language for the web developers.


It is a programming language you can use to develop iOS apps. If you are looking for the craft of Apple apps for iPads or iPhones, don’t forget to learn this programming language.

Those are the top programming languages which many programmers use to do their job. If you want to be a good programmer, just learn those languages or you can choose one and master it.