The Differences of SSH Premium and Free

SSH stands for Secure Shell, which is a network protocol that uses cryptography to communicate data on network devices to make it safer. In the concept, the use of SSH must be supported by a server or client device or computer that exchanges data. Both must have an SSH Server from the server computer side and Client SSH for the recipient’s computer (client).

SSH is a remote replacement application for logins such as rsh, rlogin, and telnet, which are safer. The main function of SSH is to access the machine remotely. SSH Client provides users with the Shell to remote to the machine. SSH also provides encrypted connections between the client and the server. The use of using telnet and SSH is like the difference of accessing a normal website (HTTP) with a safer website (HTTPS).

The Functions Of SSH

By using SSH, we can move freely through the account file on the hosting. We can also perform tasks, such as monitoring log files and starting or stopping services. We can also use it to install software to a hosting account or manage databases on MySQL. SSH gives us permission to do more things from the web normally.

What Are The Advantages Of SSH Premium

Borrowing an explanation from Wikipedia, Secure Shell (SSH) is a cryptographic network protocol for secure data communication, command line login interfaces, remote execution commands, and other network services between two computer networks. By having an SSH account we can make an internet connection, which some say is a free internet connection. Is it 100% free? if there is an opportunity we will review it in the future.

Free And Premium SSH Differences

There are free SSH accounts and some are paid. A free SSH account usually only lasts a few days depending on how long the server owner gives the limit to the free account he created. But generally 2 to 3 days the server owner will change the free SSH user and password, so for those of you who use SSH for free, you have to look for it again. Now, this is sometimes troublesome for beginners who are happy with a free SSH account when the account limit is up, of course, confused where to find the free account again.

Actually, if a little observant, how many blogs that provide SSH accounts are free, please search Google. Then what are the benefits for the server owner to share his SSH account for free? Well in that business there is a concept like this Sob, Helping and facilitating other people is one way to success. Usually, those who share a free SSH account post it on their blog that has Google Adsense ads installed. Well, from Adsense advertising, they get profits. Besides the SSH Adsense blog, other types of ads can also be installed. It’s just that adsense for Indonesian language blogs seems more savory than other types of ads.

The difference between free SSH with premium SSH is: Free SSH is usually limited for a few days and the server because it is used together so that the server load becomes heavier and results in slow internet connection. While SSH premium usually SSH accounts will die once in 30 days and the server usage is limited according to the capacity on the server so that it can be overcome adequately in terms of RAM and internet bandwidth and know more about digital software that might help you.

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